Registration Information 

Maximum Race Participation: 1000
Cost/Registration Fee: $80   
(Cost includes lunch, raffle, awards & t-shirt ). Registration is Full – thank you.

There is no waitlist, please post to our facebook page about inquiries about transfers.

Race Registration Insurance
Race registration insurance is available thru when you register. This insurance program is optional and is unaffiliated with the organizers of the Golden Leaf Half Marathon (the Ute Mountaineer and the City of Aspen). When you register, you must take note of the insurance you are signing up for and how a claim is to be made. We recommend printing a copy of the policy. The Ute Mountaineer cannot answer any questions regarding this insurance. If you have questions and did not record contact information for your insurance policy, contact customer support at 866-561-0647.

Estimating Your Time

Historical Time: Previous Golden Leaf times will be used for wave placement unless the runner has not participated in this event before. Historical times will be looked at for all competitors.

Estimating Your Time: Typically you can add 30 minutes to road half marathon with no elevation gain (more if you are unaccustomed to an elevation of 8000 feet). Another way to estimate your time is to compare yourself to how racers finished in 2015. Out of 761 finishers in 2014, the following results were achieved: 1st place – 1hr 35min; 50th place – 1:56; 100th place – 2:06; 189th place (top 1/4) – 2:16; 390th place (middle of the pack) – 2:33; 570th Place (top 3/4) – 2:51. Please try to be realistic with your time as this will allow the waves to work properly and reduce congestion on the course. If a time is not entered above, participant will be placed in the final wave.

Aid Stations/Cut-off Times

As this is a RUNNING RACE, There are 3 cut-off time locations where runners will be asked to exit the race if they do not meet the given times: 1st Aid Station (1.75 mi.)=40min.; Where Government Trail leaves the Elk Camp Ski Area Rd(4 mi.)=1hr 10min; 3rd Aid Station(10.5 mi.)=3 hours.


Transfers are available until September 3, 2017 for anyone wishing to transfer their registration to another person.

Transfer of registration from one person to another costs $15. There are two ways to transfer:
Paper Transfer: The following needs to be delivered all together to the Ute Mountaineer, 210 S. Galena St, Aspen, CO 81611 by Sunday, September 3rd:
1) a letter from the original participant stating the transfer, the name of the new participant & contact info of original participant.
2) A completed registration form for the new participant with the waiver signed by new participant.
3) a $15 transfer fee (cash or check made out to the Ute Mountaineer). To download a pdf registration, click here.
******Please do not deliver these three items separately-we cannot be responsible for lost pieces of the transfer requirements.

Online Transfer: It is possible to transfer your registration through your account if you used the active portal to pay for the initial registration. You will have to use the procedures for doing so. once the person transferring in has accepted the transfer, that person will be charged the registration fee plus’s fee. The person trnasferring out will be refunded by for the registration fee, less the $15 transfer fee.

The City of Aspen has set up a Facebook page to help people hook up for registration transfers.

The new participant will have to reimburse the original participant for any race fees. Refunds will not be issued by the race organizer. Any transfer information that is not complete or is received at the Ute Mountaineer after September 3rd will be sent back to the return address on the envelope.

PLEASE NOTE: The race organizers have the right to disqualify any participant attempting to sell or buy entry (via transfer) into the race at a price higher than the original purchase price. These participants will also be prevented from entering future Golden Leaf Half Marathons. Please read waiver agreement when signing up.