Half Marathon (14.1 Miles) Course Info 2018

Start & finish at Rio Grande Park. 

  • Leave Rio Grande Park and follow the Rio Grande Trail until it joins a series of single track trails that parallels the Rio Grande Trail.
  • Turn left onto the Grindlay Bridge and cross the Roaring Fork River and then a right turn onto the Music Tent single track trail.
  • Cross the Roaring Fork River again via the Picnic Point Bridge and turn left on the Rio Grande Trail.
  • Follow the Rio Grande Trail and adjacent single track trails to Stein Park and Aid Station #1 at 2.28 miles
  • Take a right turn onto the Sunny Side Trail.
  • Follow the Sunny Side Trail until it joins the Upper Plunge Trail passing aid station #2 at mile 7.9.
  • Follow the Upper Plunge trail to the Lower Plunge Trail and Aid Station #3 at mile 9.3
  • Follow the lower Plunge trail into the Hunter Creek Valley
  • Take the Hunter Creek Valley North trail to the Hunter creek Valley South Trail to the Iowa Shaft Trail
  • Take the Hunter Creek Cut off Trail, to the Smuggler Mountain Road Trail, and aid station #4 at mile 12.
  • Head Down Smuggler Mountain Road.
  • Turn left onto Silverlode Drive, right onto Park Circle, cross park Circle and take Oklahoma Flats.
  • Turn right onto Rio Grande Trail and follow to the finish.

This race is coming in at 14 miles